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Established in 1974 as the professional working organization of the Navy's finest Sailors, Aviation Boatswain's Mates,  in order to collectively identify, and develop corrective action to the problems that plague our Sailors, our Equipment, and Naval Aviation Safety. 

Since our founding we have been extraordinarily successful in providing numerous improvements in the areas of aircraft launch and recovery, refueling, aircraft handling, and more effective fire fighting procedures. 

The Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association continues to have an annual Professional Working Group where old friendships can be renewed, and new friendships formed, but most importantly a place where AB's can gather and have their voices head as they join an excellent forum for problem resolution. The Professional Working Groups "workshops" are professionally oriented and are attended by shipboard fleet and shore based personnel along with system command level technical specialist, in-service engineering agents, and manpower management directors. 

Workshop results are then forwarded to the office of the Chief of Naval Operations for review and future correction. No other group enjoys this "avenue to the top brass" as does the AB community. 

A message from our National President

Dear AB Leaders,

I'm pleased to announce that the official message for the 53rd annual Aviation Boatswain Mate Association Professional Working Group has been released. This release includes the Aviation Boatswain Mate of the Year and the Lieutenant Commander Regina P. Mills Leadership Award announcements. With many deserving candidates among us, I encourage each leader to nominate your standout sailors for this distinguished recognition.

President ABFCS Hodge of the San Diego chapter and his team have been committed to making this year's working group an exceptional experience in San Diego. The effort involved in organizing such an event is substantial, and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. If you're able to volunteer, please contact ABFCS Hodge directly.

The working group presents a unique opportunity to network with fellow ABs and reconnect with former shipmates. More importantly, it serves as a platform for vital feedback that contributes to the advancement of the Naval Aviation Enterprise's safety goals, process improvements, and consistency in the development of equipment repair procedures, training, and policies. Have you ever questioned a process or wondered if there's a better, safer way to achieve an outcome? This is your chance to influence change. New agenda items are still being accepted, with Force Handlers CDR Flores and CDR Thomsen's representatives ready to receive your suggestions. Let's work together to enhance our rate.

We also strive to celebrate the achievements of ABs as widely as possible. Our official Facebook page is a testament to the daily accomplishments within our community. Please continue to share your sailors' successes with the PAO, helping us to recognize and celebrate their contributions. If you haven't yet followed our Facebook page, we invite you to join us in reaching our goal of 10,000 followers.

Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Your contributions are essential to our organization's success. Should you need anything, please don't hesitate to reach out.


CDR Wayne Sirjoo
ABMA National President

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