Isabella M. Gillen Scholarship

Qualification - Scholarship applicants must be dependent children, spouse, or grand-children as long as they are a dependant of a deceased or current dues-paying ABMA member of two years. Scholarship applicant children, grand-children must be no older than age 26. Proof of dependency is required.

1. Applications are due annually to the Scholarship Chairman not later than June 1st.

2. Application should be typewritten or printed.

3. The application must be arranged in the order described below:

a. Application of Required Facts. Carefully plan a response to each item before typing the final draft.

b. The applicant shall prepare a statement setting forth his/her vocational or professional goals and relate how past, present and future activities make the accomplishment of this goal probable. The letter must be signed.

c. Official transcripts of student grades from the beginning of the 9th grade to due date of application may be photocopies bearing an original signature of the proper school authority. SAT or ACT test scores, if included, may be photocopies.

d. Current dated, signed letters of recommendation from one person, but not totaling more than three, in authority from high schools, college, or trade schools attended by the applicant. Letter may cover the applicant's ability, work habits, leadership, personality and integrity.

e. No more than two letters of endorsement from responsible community (non-school related) persons. These persons should not be related to the applicant. They should be capable of reporting on the applicant's participation in the community in terms of work service, leadership, notable skills and outstanding recognition. Each letter should be typed, dated, and signed.

f. Copies of exhibits of achievement in scholarship, leadership, athletics, dramatics, community
service or other activities may be attached – but, avoid being repetitious. It is preferable that exhibits such as awards and media items be photocopies.

4. Social Security Number is required for school and ABMA records.

Upon receipt of "Verification of Enrollment" form from proper school officials, an ABMA check for the amount of the award will be forwarded to the college or university to establish credit for the student.

Submit application to:

Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association

Scholarship Chairman, Mr. Terry L New3193 Glastonbury Drive

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453


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Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association

Scholarship Chairman, Mr. Terry L New 3193 Glastonbury Drive

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23453

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