The AB Hall of Honors Needs Your Help

Fellow AB’s 

Did you know we have the Navy’s only Hall of Honor dedicated to our rate located in the heart of our A-School in Pensacola?  

Since our founding in 1974, the ABMA has been serving side by side with our AB’s in the fleet, and each year we put together a premier professional working group dedicated to our AB’s Professional Success as well as the Safety and Survivability of our AB’s through our rate specific working groups, where AB’s are able to voice their suggestions of change for their rating.  These suggestions are then packaged up and delivered to PMA 251, who uses them as they access the productivity of the fleet.    

What you may not know is we also help to maintain an AB Hall of Honors, located in the center of the Air Department at Naval Aviation Technical Training Center Pensacola.  The school house does not receive any money from the federal government to maintain the room, and the ABMA currently provides $600 a year for upkeep on the room, but as we have learned over the last 10 years, that is simply not enough.  

This room not only serves as our historical storyteller, but it is also the backdrop for promotions, advancements, awards presentations, retirements, as well as the room where every AB who graduates A-school and C-School graduate.  

Since 2013, the ABMA has spent over $5,000 to maintain and update the room, and currently we are looking at an estimated cost of $6,500 to get the room in updated shape.  In order to keep cost down, the labor will be done by our AB’s in the Gulf Coast Chapter and Instructors in their off time.  

To prevent from raising dues, to ensure we can properly fund our AB Hall of Honors, we are looking to our AB community to help us support this vital piece of our AB History, and ask that you consider joining us as preservers of our Past, which will help tell our story long into the future.  

All individuals who donate toward the Hall of Honors will be displayed on our Virtual Donor Wall, but when you make a donation of at least $35 we will send you a commemorative challenge coin, that will show your commitment to preserving our AB History.  These coins are numbered, and you will be displayed on the AB Hall of Honors Preservation Wall in the order in which you donate.  Additionally, we will have 3 donor plaques that will be displayed in the Hall, to ensure our AB’s always remember the donors who helped preserve their history, and for anyone who donates more than $1,000 we will send you a small keep sake plaque to display in your home or office, so you can show your loved ones and friends the commitment you made to memorializing our rich AB History.  

I look forward to seeing your names join mine on the AB Donor wall and hope you will share this fantastic opportunity with your Shipmates, Families and Friends. This program is not just for AB’s, this program is for anyone who wants to support the AB community’s history.  Donations can also be made in the name of Loved one or Friend.  

If you have any questions about this program, please contact our ABMA Fundraising Director, ABH2(ret) Michael J. Little at 858-926-9903 or for more information.


Sang Lee

ABMA National President

Items on display at the AB Hall of Honors

A walk through History! 

AB Hall of Honors Donor Levels

Platinum Level Donors

1.)  CAPT & Mrs. Rodney H. Moss, USN
2.)  ABH2 Michael Little & HSC Elizabeth Little (Former ABH3)
50) CAPT Michael Singleton, USN (Ret)
58.) CAPT Ronald Jaeh, USN (Ret)
70.) ABHC Brian Stump

Gold Level Donors

16.)  ABHC(AW/SW) Eugene Borak, USN (Ret)
20.)  ABH1 (AW) Aaron Wetzel, USN (Ret)
38.) ABE1(AW) Ted Nokes
46) CDR Robert. L Whelan, USN (Ret)
62.) LCDR (Ret) Doug Thornton
77.) LCDR Mark Short, USN (Ret)
79.) CAPT Tony McFarlane, USN (Ret)
82.) ABCM Dennis Yanez
83.) Richard D Jones

87.) Arthur Kelly

91.) Scott Young

97.) CAPT Clemia “Bobby” Anderson Jr, USN (Ret)

99.) James Walsh

Silver Level Donors

14.) ABF1(AW/SW) Jamie Baker 
23.) ABEC (AW/SW) Aaron Burnfield
25.) ABH2(AW/SW/IW) Garcia Regine
33.) ABECS Richard A Villarreal, USN (Ret)
34.) In Memory of CWO4 (Ret) Timmy Dodson
35.) ABHCS(AW/SW/IW) Jorge “Rambo” Ramirez
36.) ABH1 (AW/SW) Roger Goetz, USN (Ret)
47.) ABH1(AW/SW) Donavan Perkins
59.) ABFCS (AW/SW) Eric Early
61.) CDR Albert Guajardo
69.) Paul Swanson
85.) Chester Hull

93.) Kimberlee Garcia

100.) Gerald Huff
103.) David Cominskie

Bronze Level Donors

3.)  To be awarded
4.)  To be awarded
5.)  To be awarded
6.)  To be awarded
7.)  To be awarded
8.)  To be awarded
9.)  To be awarded
10.)  To be awarded
11.)  To be awarded
12.)  To be awarded
13.) CWO5 Sang Lee
15.) ABHC (AW/SW) John Bloomberg
17.) ABHC James Sutton
18.) CDR Paul E Erickson, USN (Ret)
19.) ABH2 John Bullis
21.) Tyler Woodroof
22.) ABE1(AW) Mark G. Dalmacio
24.) LT Don Schmidt “Schmidty”
26.) ABHCS (AW/SW) Geno Ferrera
27.) ABE1 Robert Russell
28.) ABCM / CMDCM Patrick Neely
29.) LCDR Eric Harrington
30.) LT Frank Santiago
31.) ABE1 Paul Rose
32.) ABHC Bryan Kenesha
39.)  To be awarded
40.)  To be awarded
41.)  To be awarded
42.)  To be awarded
43.)  To be awarded
44.)  To be awarded
45.) ABHC (AW) Carl W. Davis, USN (Ret.)
48.) ABH1(AW) Curtis Fletcher, USN (Ret)
49.) JoAnn Gavin
51.) ABF2 Edward Howard, USN (Vet)
52.) Peter Leugers
53.) ABF1 Christopher Cooks
54.) ABCM (Ret) Larry Smart
55.) ABEC(AW) John S Krasta
56.) CWO3 John J. Federico III
57.). ABFC (Ret) Eric McKinney
60.) ABE1 (AW/SW) Jason Morey
63.)  To be awarded
64.)  ABEC Eric Corbett,  USN  (Ret)
65.)  To be awarded
66.)  To be awarded
67.) Todd Widick

68.) Tyler Hatfield

71.) Josue-Yves Marcelon

72.) Lanny Vines

73.) Joel Hutton

74.) John Mirance

75.) Daniel Rivera

76.) LTJG Keith H. Burt, USN (Ret)

78.) Larry Weiss

80.) Julissa Lambert

82.) Nnamdi Emenogu

84.) Angelica Lockwood

86.) Wally Hamaker

88.) Richard Contini

89.) Courtney Davis

90.) Kyle Warren

92.) Butch Bowman

94.) Anthony Beck

95.) David Jacobsen

96.) Angelica Rocha

98.) Clyde Faison

101.) Arthur Hapenney

102.) Caleb Swaim

104.) Philip R. Starkey

AB Donors

Updated at 1200 EDT on 19 March 2023