Chaplain's Corner

To All,

I would first like to congratulate all Nominated this year for East/West Coast ABOY and Those Nominated for Regina P Mills Award. As the message stated it was a list of true AB's and all are winners!

Most Heavenly Creator we thank you once again for providing our AB Community with all of those who daily place themselves above others. For these AB's being awarded, we ask your guiding hand as they continue to represent our nation and its vital mission around the world. Let them be an inspiration for all who they are associated with. Let their continued successes be filled with both learning and teaching, and we ask you guiding hand of protection be with each and every one of our men and women in harms way. For those who were nominated let them know that they too are a vital part of our mighty leadership team and inspire them to continue to achieve their dreams.

And creator we ask that you show through our tight knit community, that the unacceptable actions of those who would try and create hatred will not be tolerated. Heal our Nation and all those suffering.

We ask this in your mighty name- Amen

AB Eternal Flight Quarters Roll of Honor (Website Version)