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Established in 1974 as the professional working organization of the Navy's finest Sailors, Aviation Boatswain's Mates, in order to collectively identify, and develop corrective action to the problems that plague our Sailors, our Equipment, and Naval Aviation Safety.

Since our founding we have been extraordinarily successful in providing numerous improvements in the areas of aircraft launch and recovery, refueling, aircraft handling, and more effective fire fighting procedures.

The Aviation Boatswain's Mates Association continues to have an annual Professional Working Group where old friendships can be renewed, and new friendships formed, but most importantly a place where AB's can gather and have their voices head as they join an excellent forum for problem resolution. The Professional Working Groups "workshops" are professionally oriented and are attended by shipboard fleet and shore based personnel along with system command level technical specialist, in-service engineering agents, and manpower management directors.

Workshop results are then forwarded to the office of the Chief of Naval Operations for review and future correction. No other group enjoys this "avenue to the top brass" as does the AB community.

A message from our National President

Greetings to my fellow Aviation Boatswain’s Mates.

I have now been your President for over a year, and I have enjoyed every minute of this appointment. I am looking forward to representing you until July 2021, when we have our 50th ABMA Professional Working Group in San Diego. As a Navy, 2020 has presented challenges that no one has ever seen before in their lifetime. The last time our country has faced a pandemic was 102 years ago. Every Sailor has dealt with some sort of struggle to meet the mission, and every ship has adapted and overcame obstacles in order to deploy COVID-19 free.

Our retired AB’s have been doing great things in the community. They also are dealing with COVID-19 the best they can and their can-do attitude that they inherited while they were active duty working on the flight deck, has carried over to their civilian careers. As always, our brothers and sisters that left active duty will always be AB’s at heart.

Congratulations to the newly selected Master Chiefs and Senior Chiefs. Very well deserved, and by the time this newsletter hits the streets, hopefully we will know the selections of our new Chief Petty Officers. Waiting for the official message to find out who made it is always an exciting time. When the Master Chief and Senior Chief List was officially released, I received several calls from retired AB’s, Officers and Enlisted that wanted to know the names of the individuals selected. I guess we never stop caring about our community. What do we have to look forward to in our community? To all the First Class Petty Officers that are eligible to take the Chiefs exam in January, the best of luck. Start looking at your candidates for the AB of The Year and the LCDR Regina P. Mills Leadership Award; start early on your application. To all the AB’s that will be taking the First, Second, and Third Class exam in March, the best of luck. You are the future of our community.

In closing; I want to discuss a subject that is very uncomfortable. As a Navy we are struggling with way too many suicides. A life lost is always tragic, but losing a shipmate to suicide always leaves everyone dismayed and with lots of unanswered questions. The biggest question is just one word, why? Too often there are signs, sometimes small, but there are signs that the person is not themselves. When I was Chief, one of my blue shirts received a Dear John email. One of his fellow blue shirts was the one that informed me and told me that he was concerned about his state of mind and about him getting hurt on the flight deck. We got him the help he needed and maybe saved his life. All it takes is one person to speak up and just express your concern and maybe you will save a fellow shipmate’s life. These holidays will not be normal, and we all need to be patient and understanding and help one another. I never like to end on a negative note, but I felt it was necessary to talk about this subject.

Happy Holidays
ABMA President
CDR Oscar Flores

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