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Thursday, 18 March 2010 06:15

NAVIGATIONAL - A delegation headed by U.S. Ambassador in Argentina, Vilma Socorro Martinez, visited on Tuesday the U.S. aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, which was sailing in Argentine waters, 120 miles south of Bahia Blanca, off the coast of El Carmen.

From the Armada de Argentina, the event was attended by the Deputy Chief of Navy Vice Admiral Italo Benito Rotolo, and the Commanders of Naval Operations, Admiral Carlos Alberto Paz, Sea Fleet, Admiral Paul Vignolles; and of the Marine Corps, Rear Admiral Emilio Colombo Osvaldo; and Naval Aviation, Rear Admiral Rafael Ángel Solá Cornejo, among others.

The visit, of protocol character, allowed the exchange between senior officers of both armed forces and reaffirmed existing ties.

After their arrival they were greeted by the commander of USS Carl Vinson Strike Group, which includes an Air Wing and the Cruiser USS Bunker Hill,  Admiral Ted Branch, with whom they witnessed a demonstration of Carrier Airwing 17, which included training maneuvers and the combat F/A-18 Super Hornet aircraft, E2C Hawkeye, and SH-60 Seahawk.

The delegation, which included civil authorities, representatives of the Ministry of Defense and other special guests, was feted with a luncheon at the Flag Officers' Mess during which official gifts were exchanged.

"We are happy to have the opportunity to work with the Argentines, especially in the year of its bicentennial celebrations," said Rear Adm. Branch after lunch.

"I thank Admiral Branch for the invitation.  It's great to be on board this amazing ship, "said Ambassador Martinez at the meeting.

Then Admiral Branch led the guests for a general tour of the facilities of the ship.
 "We are proud to have them on board.  It's been almost 55 people from Argentina and are very good visitors, "he said in his farewell.

For its part, the deputy head of the Argentina Navy, Vice Admiral Italo Benito Rotolo, said "there is a real interoperability and trust between the Armada Argentina and the United States that enable us to be here today.  Our carrier aviation is a capability that Argentina has had for nearly forty years and performs at a competent and respected level."

After parting words, the delegation boarded a plane to return to the Naval Air Commander Espora Air Field.


The exercise "Gringo-Gaucho"

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and the cruiser USS Bunker Hill, and CVW17 units, conducted various naval exercises with the Argentina Navy, which included military exchanges, exchange air between the helicopter deck operations Argentine and low approaches for aircraft.

Yesterday afternoon, Super Etendard aircraft of the Second Naval Air Squadron and S-2 Tracker Turbo Attack and the Naval Air Anti-Submarine Squadron of the Argentina Navy conducted joint naval exercise "Gringo - Gaucho / PASSEX 2010, with the American aircraft carrier.

The activity was to take place during the afternoon of Tuesday, but bad weather caused a postponement.

 "We are very happy to do the exercise" Gringo-Gaucho "again, as it complements our training opportunities and allows us to strengthen ties with the U.S. Navy," reflected the Argentine Naval Operations commander while he was aboard the aircraft carrier.

For this occasion, the staff of the squadrons involved were preparing for 15 days in facilities of the Naval Air Commander Espora.  There, on one of the runways, the Assistant Naval Air Arsenal produced an Aircraft Carrier environment, taking into account the actions of the runway of "Carl Vinson".  They conducted Practice in Aircraft Carrier Landing (PTAP) with S-2 Turbo Tracker aircraft from Naval Air Anti-Submarine Squadron, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Charles Falcone, and Super Etendards of the Second Squadron Naval Air Attack and commanded by frigate captain Hernán Rodriguez under the supervision of the commander of Naval Aviation, Rear Admiral Rafael Ángel Solá Cornejo.

During the afternoon yesterday, and although the weather conditions were not optimal for this type of work, both Turbo Tracker aircraft and the Super Etendard fighters managed to meet the planned activities, making several passes of low approach.

"The opportunity to do joint exercises with the Argentina Navy aircraft carrier is something that Americans do not do very often, then in time we are here we hope to learn from each other," said Capt. Bruce H.  Lindsey, commanding officer of USS Carl Vinson.

The aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson "

The nuclear aircraft carrier U.S. Navy USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) is the third of the Nimitz class.  It is in service since 1980 and was re-released into the sea in 2009 after an intensive overhaul.

It is currently sailing towards their new home in San Diego, California, where it will join the Pacific Fleet.

 The units in action


U.S. and Argentine Navy Excercises

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